The Fresh Start Scholarship Foundation provides scholarships and mentoring services. We look back proudly on nearly 25 years of growth. Beginning with one scholar in 1996, we have cumulatively provided an opportunity for a fresh start to over 260 women attending local colleges and universities.

Scholars talk about how the scholarship gave them a ‘fresh start.’

Scholarship Program

Our scholarship program has grown as our pool of applicants has increased. As we look ahead to expanding our impact, we are intensifying our efforts to reach further into the community to identify women whose lives would be improved if only they could complete their education. We are particularly seeking women who have faced personal and financial challenges but have the determination to change their own destiny and that of their families through education.


Fresh Start provides more than financial assistance. Unique to our program, we offer each scholar a mentor who provides guidance, coaching and encouragement. The mentor-scholar arrangement is mutually rewarding. The mentor has the satisfaction of having personally coached a scholar to her graduation day! And the relationship doesn’t end there. The mentors also help scholars with professional networking and career navigation, and the friendship often lasts for years later.

“Fresh Start has been my key to opening many doors. The financial support was a major part of my success but without the help of my mentor, I would not have been able to overcome the many obstacles I had to face while receiving my education.”

-Margo H., Delaware State University

“As a recipient of the scholarship I felt supported, not only by the members of the organization but particularly by my mentor. She often reached out to see if I needed encouragement to keep working toward my goal or moral support. Fresh Start made me feel like someone was truly on my side and I will always feel grateful for their help and for recognizing my accomplishments.”
-Jane L., Delaware Technical Community College