Aprile ParellaBy Aprile Parella, Fresh Start Board member

There is one thing the public and private sectors can agree on. Education works and is a smart investment strategy. The global community at large, ranging from thought leaders at the World Economic Forum and the World Bank to prominent business leaders from many of the world’s most profitable companies, is coalescing around the idea that delivering on the promise to educate, with a particular emphasis on women’s education, is one of the most effective ways to generate significant social and economic return on investment. It just makes good business sense.

Fresh Start Scholarship Foundation not only makes a sound business investment, but the returns go far past the financial. Since inception, Fresh Start has served over 170 scholars. Our graduates are your nurses, teachers, social workers, dental hygienists and accountants. They have a history of paying it forward by giving back to their communities long after graduation. They are involved in local nonprofits, they work with at risk youths, they help feed the poor and educate the young. The dividends of your donation – or investment – are felt long after the cap and gowns get packed away with the memories of graduation day.

Here are three more reasons donating to Fresh Start Scholarship Foundation makes for good business.

  1. Fresh Start scholars are already vetted candidates – these women are high-potential scholars and demonstrate the greatest commitment to finishing the program.
  2. The program is well managed; 97 cents of every dollar goes to supporting our scholars’ education. Fresh Start has awarded over $740,000 in scholarship funds since its inception.
  3. Fresh Start scholars make successful employees after graduation. Hire one of our scholars and you’ll see why. They are committed, focused self-starters who bring with them the leadership skills only life can deliver.

Fresh Start’s annual giving campaign kicked off on April 1. I invite you to join us in the front row to watch greatness unfold one scholar at a time. Investment in educating women pays off for the greater social good, so why would you sit on the sidelines? Invest in Fresh Start scholars today!