Fresh Start’s program would not be complete without an established method to assess our success in changing the lives of our scholars. We evaluate the success of our program in four ways – academic performance while in school, graduation rate, overall scholar experience, and impact on their lives.

Academic performance:
At the completion of each semester, a survey is conducted to assure each scholar is performing satisfactorily academically. Experience has shown that Fresh Start scholars not only perform “satisfactorily” – they perform exceptionally well, particularly in light of the many demands on their time and attention. Average GPA is 3.4!

Graduation Rate: Our key measure of success is graduation rate. Our current graduation rate is over 70% which is significantly higher than that of other non-traditional student populations at respected institutions of higher learning. We attribute this to careful selection of scholars and to our mentoring program which keeps scholars on task and improves their chances of earning their degree.

Scholar Experience: Semester-end surveys are designed not only to measure academic success but to verify that being part of the Fresh Start program is providing a positive environment in which to succeed. Questions regarding mentor support provide valuable feedback regarding scholarship experience.

Scholar Impact:
Scholars are surveyed two years after graduation to assess what impact earning a degree with the support of Fresh Start has made on their lives. Our goal is to have our Scholars emerge as independent women with a renewed sense of self-esteem and financial independence. Our many testimonials of new jobs, increased salaries, and better living conditions for their families are evidence of our success in doing just that – improving the lives of women through education!