Lucía Nemeth, Ed.D is an Associate Professor at Wilmington University. She was recently
appointed as the first Director of Educational Effectiveness where she ensures that all students
have a high-touch, quality, academic learning experience. Over the past two decades, she has
been a champion of online education both in teaching and in course development and
implementation, including an international partnership with Shenzhen University. Prior to
Wilmington University, Dr. Nemeth worked in Hispanic ministry at the Catholic Leadership
Institute in Philadelphia and at Wilmington Trust Company as an assistant trust officer in the
Wealth Advisory Department.

In addition to her educational career, Dr. Nemeth has over 20 years of extensive involvement and
leadership in non-profit work. Previously she served as a trustee at the Bill Raskob Foundation,
which provides interest free loans to college and postgraduate students. A past trustee, she
currently serves as a committee chair at the Raskob Foundation for Catholic Activities, which
provides grants both domestically and internationally. Dr. Nemeth is also active in her
community, and volunteers with Junior Achievement, teaching children about money,
government, and community.

Lucía, her husband – Major Scott Nemeth – and their three children recently relocated to
Pennsylvania after his retirement from military service where he served multiple tours of duty in
the Middle East.