Fresh Start Annual Campaign

Each year from April through June, we ask friends of Fresh Start to donate to our Annual Campaign. Every member of our Board of Directors has already shown her support this year by not only donating her time and talents but also by donating generously to our Campaign. This sets a great example for those who also wish to make a difference in the lives of women in need and their families through education.

We hope you’ll join our Board and show your support for current and future scholars by donating today. You can be assured your donation is being put to the use you intended since 97 cents of every dollar goes directly to the scholarship program. Thanks in advance for your support!!


Fresh Start Stock Donation

Since you plan to make a donation to a qualified charitable organization and donations may be deducted on your federal income tax return as an itemized deduction, you should consider donating appreciated stock from your portfolio instead of cash. This typically works best for folks whose marginal tax bracket is 15 percent or higher and who claim itemized deductions. Only stocks which have been held longer than one year and have long term capital gains should be considered. The tax benefits: deducting the full amount of the value of the appreciated stock and avoiding the unrealized capital gains which would otherwise be taxed.

Stock Donation Form