Fresh Start’s ability to award scholarships depends on the generosity of our donors – individuals, businesses and foundations.

We raise funds in three ways:

  1. Annual Campaign: We solicit donations from individuals through this campaign each year from April through June.
  2. Grants from foundations and other organizations are requested throughout the year.
  3. Sponsorships for our annual Signature Event come from individuals and local businesses that are recognized at the event.

Annual Campaign

Each year, we ask friends of Fresh Start to donate to this campaign. 100% of our Board of Directors and Advisory Board support this campaign through their individual donations. If you would like to contribute to support our scholarship program, please click the “Donate” button on this page.



Foundations and other organizations that share the Fresh Start mission are another important source of funding for scholarships. We want to express our appreciation to the following who have awarded grants to Fresh Start  in recent years:

  • Chichester duPont Foundation
  • Christiana Rotary Club Foundation
  • Christmas Shop Foundation
  • Dansko Foundation
  • Delaware Community Foundation
  • Eliason Education Grant
  • Fund for Women
  • Laffey McHugh Foundation
  • Milton and Hattie Kutz Foundation
  • TD Bank Charitable Foundation

If you represent or know of a foundation that shares Fresh Start’s focus, please contact us at [email protected].


Dozens of local businesses contribute as sponsors of our annual Signature Event. We offer several sponsorship levels for small and large businesses. Each sponsorship level carries a unique package of benefits such as recognition and tickets to the event. If your business is interested in supporting our scholarship program and receiving the benefits of sponsorship, please contact us at [email protected].

Fresh Start Stock Donation

Since you plan to make a donation to a qualified charitable organization and donations may be deducted on your federal income tax return as an itemized deduction, you should consider donating appreciated stock from your portfolio instead of cash. This typically works best for folks whose marginal tax bracket is 15 percent or higher and who claim itemized deductions. Only stocks which have been held longer than one year and have long term capital gains should be considered. The tax benefits: deducting the full amount of the value of the appreciated stock and avoiding the unrealized capital gains which would otherwise be taxed.

Stock Donation Form